Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Discover How to Raise a Happy Kid Who is Prepared to Succeed in Life

On one hand, raising a child is one of the most stressful, most worrisome, most frustrating things you’ll do in your life … and on the other hand, it’s one of the most rewarding, most enjoyable and most important things you’ll ever do as well.
So as a parent how can you be sure that you are doing things right?
How can you be sure that you are doing what you need to do to raise a joyful, resilient kid?
How can you be sure that you are making the right tough decisions?
Well, as a parent, I understand your concerns. I’ve raised three children myself and on top of that I have a degree in pedagogy and I’ve been a teacher for nearly 40 years!
Believe me, when I say I understand the trials and tribulations as well as the incredible joys and the amazing sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that can come with raising children.
Practically every day for over 20 years now I’ve received a call or an email or a visit from concerned parents seeking advice.
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